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This is where the secret of success very often lies. If you invest a little time in ideas at the beginning, you will save yourself a lot in the end!


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Control systems

The key to almost every major technical system is intelligent control. These processes very often make the difference in whether something can be used profitably in the long term and in some cases it is even the difference between the feasibility of a solution or the dropping it.

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Having your own system in view from anywhere is no longer a luxury these days. You want to be informed about possible errors in good time; on the other hand, processes sometimes have to work together across regions.

The combination of local intelligence and so-called "cloud processes" is state of the art today.

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Is it really possible to save 50% in terms of energy?


I don't have automation yet. How do I get started?

 After contacting us, we always offer a free initial consultation in which we make suggestions for potential implementation and often also a cost estimate for a possible product. No matter who you later do your project with, you will benefit from our tips. Just sign up!

I have an existing (old) automation that no longer does everything I need. Do I have to part with it completely?

To do this, you usually have to do a little research. Throwing everything away can be right, but it can also be completely wrong. Let us first do an analysis of your inventory and your requirements, in some cases a small addition or the right spare part is enough and you have a well-running system with little cost. Sometimes, however, you first have to be aware of the costs involved in a system that is not working properly in order to determine that it would be better to replace it in any case. Talk to us and we will tell you what's up!

Is it true that you always need a climate computer in a plant production nowadays in order to work economically?

Definitely no! Sometimes the climate computer is simply the cheapest solution to perform automation tasks, especially with a certain number of units and a large number of functions to be controlled, but especially in the organic sector, for example, there are often only 2 or 3 things to be regulated in a simple way and there is you are often far better off with compact devices. We will discuss your exact requirements and give you a suitable recommendation!

Why am I wasting energy if I am not automating?

Of course, that doesn't have to be the case, because basically nobody can regulate better and more precisely than the educated person with the right green thumb. The problem is availability. If you keep in mind that just for optimal heating you would have to constantly watch a thermometer in order to adjust the heating, then you can perhaps see that a well-regulated motorized valve is perhaps the better solution after all, even if it costs money than yours After all, time is valuable too, isn't it?

I have a new idea for my plant cultivation, for which there is no suitable product on the market. Isn't a new development simply too expensive?

We now have a wide range of new developments that have often cost no more than established products and sometimes even less. In most cases it is a question of working with (series) parts that already meet most of the requirements and only build or adapt small details. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and talk to us about your idea. We will propose a realization concept that you can safely afford!

Cheap water storage

Without water, nothing works and no matter how much you save, there is hardly a process that can do without this basic building block, which is why provision and storage are important, but should not cost a fortune either.

Solar energy

Interestingly, many people today think of photovoltaics and forget the various ways in which this energy has been used for eons.

Read the following article on this.


Storage management

Often enough energy is available, just not at all times. The smartest option may therefore be a clever redistribution. There are now numerous methods of doing this.

Find out more here.


Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

These are the three buzzwords that are mostly important nowadays. We would like to demonstrate to you that this can also be implemented and harmonized for your requirements. Contact us for a free initial consultation!

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