25 years of Blümel Technik in AGES

November 23, 2020

In 1995 the first institutes move into the Federal Office and Research Center for Agriculture (BFL) established at Spargelfeldstrasse 191. In addition to laboratories, there are also numerous newly built greenhouses and open spaces between Breitenleer Straße and Rautenweg. This was also the hour of birth of our largest climate computer system with numerous automated stationary and mobile fertilizer stations.
Today, 18 federal agencies and federal offices from the fields of food testing, bacteriology and serology, veterinary and human medicine and agriculture are combined under the umbrella of AGES.
And the system installed 25 years ago is still doing its job well.
RAM's climate computer system now consists of 25 stations and 92 systems, 75 of which have autonomous fertilizer systems. The glass house computer system is fully visualized in Central Europe and is the most extensive of its kind.
Even if the current Covid numbers are a prominent topic at the moment and AGES provides all the information about them, it has played an important role in the quality of food in our country over the past decades and will ensure that we will continue to do so in the future so that you can rely on the highest quality standards.

It is our concern to advise other institutes, organizations and research institutions with our specialist knowledge in order to create even more sustainable plants in the field of plants. With the current nutritional trends in particular, there is a lot that suggests new concepts. Contact us for more information!

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