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When I set up a climate computer system for the first time 33 years ago, I had no idea how the technical branch for plants would develop, all I knew for sure or thought I knew was the computer soon will become more and more indispensable and analog control technology is dying out. For the most part, my ideas were correct, but today I am also excited to see simple alternatives to our fully digital world. We are dealing with 2 basic directions, one of which leads us into a fully automated production, in which the product is flown to our home with drones, the other falls under the category "Back to the roots" (back to the origin) . Here I try to show news from both trends. It will be up to us to find a sensible combination that includes 3 important points: Ecology, economic efficiency and the person who can also produce the product, taking into account the first two factors, i.e. you! And for me you are the person I want to support with my knowledge that you are getting the system that you want and that you can work well with. Have fun browsing my website!

Ing.Wolfgang Blümel

Good definitions make work easier

We live in a time of tons of new words and abbreviations that we may only have a vague idea of what they mean. However, it has been proven that perfect and error-free work is only made possible through correct understanding. That is why we attach particular importance to the fact that the terms with which our tools are used are really well understood. The following video clarifies some of these.


“I can express myself very positively about the cooperation with the Blümel company. Mr. Blümel is always available for us. He'll either come by in person, or we'll both log in and fix the problem online. "

DI Roland Dudda, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

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