Convertible in the Netherlands

Dinteloord is a village in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. Dinteloord is known for its sugar factory and the Muza festivals that have been held for over 50 years. For some years, however, the area has also been home to a relatively new horticultural area, of which there are quite a few in the Netherlands. Among other things, there is a company of the young plant producer Florensis, where we installed our Carbio control system in 2019. This year we paid another visit there to see how the system has been running since then and to our delight found that all 10 PLCs installed there are doing their job wonderfully and have "made friends" with the PRIVA climate computer. There are now several Dutch "Climate Controllers" that are able to use our product to carry out the so-called under-ventilation function for rain, which was first installed in Vienna in 2003 in cooperation with Lock Antriebstechnik. With this system, the regulations of the Dutch Insurance Association were also met with intelligent feedback.
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