Cabrio in den Niederlanden

Convertible in the Netherlands

Dinteloord is a village in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. Dinteloord is known for its sugar factory and the Muza festivals that have been held for over 50 years. For several years, however, it has also been home to a relatively new horticultural area in the area,...

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Automatischer Hagelschutz für den Obstbau

Automatic hail protection for fruit growing

Another project I was recently involved in is a new product from Lock. I worked on the implementation of the automation and developed the software for it. I'm very happy about the good news: On Friday the 25th ...

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Steuerung von Cabriohäusern

Control of Open Roof Greenhouses

The first partner of our family business, who laid the foundation for a now over 50-year history, was Lock Antriebstechnik from Ertingen in Baden Würtenberg. Together, over 15 years ago, we created our own dream of ...

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Despite the high modularity of the systems that we have in our portfolio, it occasionally happens that no finished or adaptable product is available for a certain application or for part of it. Especially in pilot projects or in ...

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