The correct pressure in the system

September 26, 2022

The right design for irrigation is essential for problem-free function and an important key here is the correct dimensioning for the water pressure used. Depending on the system, you have to have the right pressure on the actual irrigation element. For example, a dripper requires 1-2 bar, a pressure-compensated system up to 4 and a sprinkler 1.5 - 6 bar, depending on the type. This should of course be considered when creating the concept.
Then the right pressure must be provided by the supply system, i.e. the water line must be available or an appropriate pump must be available.
And even with all of this correctly considered, there is one more important factor and that is the pressure drop in the line that occurs from the utility to the particular irrigation element. This can easily be underestimated, especially with longer distances, if one thinks that one cannot lose much in a straight line. And then the sprinkler may not spray as far as it should or, in the worst case, fail.
In order for this to be correctly designed, it is advisable to calculate the pressure losses in the entire system with the water quantities required there. As long as the ditches are open or irrigation is still in the planning phase, later problems can easily be avoided by choosing the next larger pipe.
Our recommendation is therefore a pressure loss calculator, such as that offered by pump manufacturers such as Grundfos, or the Software-Factory Schmitz from Schifferstadt, which also makes an online version available at

If you need advice on the implementation of the irrigation system for your business, we are of course happy to help and advise you.

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