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February 15, 2023

What is the real value of live information from an automated system?

With the amount of data that is collected and analyzed in real time by a digital automation system today, it is very easy to lose track.
Ideally, one can use this information immediately to make informed decisions and take immediate action if necessary. But normally you would assume that you set up a system with the desired setpoints and then it runs and does what you want and you don't have to lose your attention until the general conditions change and then you adjust the setpoints to them new conditions and that's it.

Until suddenly something unforeseen happens...

Identifying and addressing potential risks before they become a serious problem requires being informed about a circumstance at the right moment.
No one wants a system to go down, but when it does, make sure you know about it. It is particularly dangerous when the system that automates a plant fails itself, because then there really is a fire on the roof!

Therefore, there should be an independent monitoring system in every plant that is still able to inform the plant operator even if the power grid fails.
That is exactly the task of the TAS series, to inform you when something goes wrong. Or to give the opportunity to intervene and trigger certain processes remotely.
For this task, it offers classic connection options, such as fault signaling contacts or its own monitoring sensors, in order to react, for example, if a temperature is exceeded or the operating pressure falls below a required level.
In addition, the TAS offers extensive communication options such as Modbus, CANopen, SNMP and Profinet, to name just a few, and the manufacturer has recently also supported the brand new OPCUA standard.
Messages can be delivered by SMS, voice or mail, among other things. Push notifications for smartphones are now also available.
Indeed, it can be said that there is practically no communication bridge that is not possible, thereby also offering the possibility that different systems which otherwise could not exchange data can be connected to each other.

Look for an opportunity
... to get the most important information safely, independent of place and time or only when really important?
… see the most important data of a system on your smartphone?
... to connect several systems that normally do not "talk" to each other?

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