Simple product labeling

November 22, 2020

In our modern economy, it is inevitable to label your products and retailers expect clear barcodes for administration. If you are not in a marketing community that does these things for you, as a producer you have to put a label on your goods and the regulations for the content of this often change over the years. For example, we have just received the EU plant passport, which required the redesign of all labels.
In short, it is advisable to have a system that allows you some flexibility. And besides, labeling shouldn't be a permanent and tedious process. In the last few decades, a large number of different ways of labeling products have been developed and most of them work with labels. Sometimes barcodes or changing information such as the expiration date are also printed directly on a product, but most of the time something is labeled.
The number of pieces of goods and the batches of a production are the most important key data if you want to work out an efficient and cost-effective solution.
The range of possibilities extends from ready-made, full-color and completely designed labels for large quantities to self-made sheets for the smallest print runs using the laser printer. In the middle, and especially for plants, often the best solution is the label printer and the associated solutions for attaching the label to the product.
Even by hand, it is easier to pull it off a roll than from an A4 sheet. However, there are also simple tools for attaching a label, and for a certain number of items it is worthwhile to have labels attached by an automatic machine, for example after potting.
In order to work out the best solution, a concept is required starting with the design of the label, which ideally covers all variants of the respective product range, but sometimes it is also a well-put together combination of 2 labels. It is our strength to create such concepts and to provide the right devices, or to use those that you may already have in the best possible way.

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