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November 21, 2020

You can twist and turn it however you want, we live in a consumer society.
No matter how "difficult" the times seem, we are used to going into a store and getting all the everyday items. This may not be the case with really healthy foods, but by and large it is impossible to starve to death in our society.
The question is, at what price do we have this luxury?
If you consider the use of energy that is necessary to produce our food, the last few decades in particular show an oversized increase. While the ratio of the amount of energy used in growing vegetables to the amount harvested (measured in calories) was about the same, i.e. 1: 1, today it is 9 times the amount in modern production. You have to think carefully - it means that for every calorie of food we have to use 9 calories of energy, often still mostly fossil fuels.
Seen in this way, there is clearly a lack of a healthy balance with nature!
But what can be done to change that?
It starts with an awareness of the consequences of our actions and of how we shop. It is actually the case that the consumer is actually the master of what is produced and how. Of course it may be that many things are simply put in front of us, advertised in a great way, presented conspicuously and we simply reach for it because it is simple and nice, but we have to reach for it and spend money on it. If we do not do that, sooner or later things will not be produced or at least not produced in the form offered.
Example: if we buy vegetables that are not seasonal, then somehow energy is wasted, either in production or in the complex and long transport, sometimes also in refrigerated storage.
Maybe we will think about this the next time we are in the supermarket.

Our consideration to make a significant difference in reversing this trend is to favor and encourage production methods that save energy or simply do not use them at all! If you are interested in the possibilities YOU have to implement something like this in your company, please contact us for a free information meeting!
We are serious about wanting to change something!

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