Development of software for earth cellars

August 08, 2020

Gartenfreunde Reuthe-Bezau with more than 260 members cultivate a total of approx. 3,000 m² of garden space in two community gardens with 50 beds of different users.
Until recently, the excess vegetables that accumulate in the gardens could not be stored for the autumn and winter months. For this reason, a communal earth cellar has now been built in the village center for up to 18 places for around 250kg of vegetables each.
This unique system is the first in Vorarlberg and enables local vegetables to be available all year round.
And that with hardly any energy expenditure, which is really remarkable from an ecological point of view.
There are two community gardens in the village, a show and training garden and a field on the edge of the village. The approach of "gardening without kilometers" is consistently pursued here through the resource-saving fresh storage on site in a naturally air-conditioned and ventilated building.
When architect Mag. Tina Wintersteiger ( approached me in the spring to get help with the development of a room measurement and monitoring concept as well as a control for the ventilation flaps of a fresh warehouse, this approach was an old technology Realizing the “energy-free concept” again with new means - exactly one of the trends that I would like to support.
After initial discussions, we (RSE and Blümel Grüne Technik) decided to jointly promote this project and create an inexpensive platform for it. It is now possible for the operator to measure and record the room values, the system is monitored and, if the worst comes to the worst, reports possible errors and indicates any measures that may be necessary, such as in the event of low humidity and the minimal automation of the air flaps is also simple Funds resolved.
Shortly after commissioning, Isabella Moosbrugger, the chairwoman of the Garden Friends, who thankfully also provided us with the photo material, wrote to us: "Today we were able to store, we were very happy!"
We are also very happy about this successful pilot project!
Ground cellar approx. 105 m³ volume
18 places for about 250kg of vegetables each
1 large vegetable storage room
2 smaller fruit chambers
Hardware TAS X31, sensors, cloud service: RSE
Adaptation / new development of software: Blümel Green Technology

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