Control of Open Roof Greenhouses

The first partner of our family business, who laid the foundation for a now over 50-year history, was Lock Antriebstechnik from Ertingen in Baden Würtenberg. Together we created our own dream of the open roof greenhouse system, which was specially developed for the requirements of young plant gardeners, over 15 years ago. The goal was to combine simple operation, simple service and the proven durability of the Lock drives.
From the first hour it was possible to use the Lock Blümel convertible control to cover a rain position on both sides, depending on the wind direction. And simple hand controls were and still are standard today!
While the first systems only worked with very specific manufacturers and only with RAM computers, gradually several well-known manufacturers became interested in the alternative from German-Austrian development and so it was further developed bit by bit.
Lock brought out ever more powerful motors and gears, and greenhouse builders like Ammerlaan and Saarlucon improved their designs.
In the meantime, practically every well-known climate computer system on the market is supported and Ammerlaan installed this system for the first time in a Dutch giant young plant, for which the ability to adapt to the requirements prevailing there was of course an essential argument.
The current version of our control system supports a service display, an automatic calibration run, offers options for position monitoring and position simulation for climate computers, which - in contrast to RAM - can otherwise only control classic greenhouses, as well as an error log that can be read out on the display.
The system was specially developed for tough quarters, but it is also used in some sales greenhouses.
We would be happy to send you more information about this system or work with you on further innovations or adjustments. Please send your request to

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